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  Mission Statement  

Our mission at Swansboro Elementary is committed to the academic, physical, social, and emotional growth of each child to be globally competitive and become a responsible citizen in the 21st century.

  About The School  

Swansboro Elementary

Swansboro Elementary
Swansboro Elementary


Students Embracing Success 




  • Students will be provided a rigorous and relevant curriculum
  • Students will be globally competitive
  • Students will be responsible citizens
  • Students will learn in a safe and civil environment
  • Swansboro Elementary School will recruit, select, and retain qualified professionals that are creative, passionate, and technologically skilled.
  • All support services will effectively and efficiently contribute to the successful operation of the school.
  • Parent and community involvement will provide support and innovation to the teaching/learning process.

Swansboro Elementary is located at 118 School Road in Swansboro North Carolina.  The student population of the school is 606 and there are 67 staff members. 

The first graded school in Swansboro was a wooden frame building constructed in 1911.  This structure served all grades. 

In 1931 Swansboro Elementary was built on water-front property at the corner of Main Street Extension and Hwy 24.  That building is now Swans Harbor condominiums.  Our current building was built in 1970 to house Swansboro Middle.  The "middle" school consisted of Grades 4, 5 and 6.  Swansboro High included Grades 7-12  and was located at what is now Swansboro Middle School.  Eventually, the Annex, at what is now the middle school, accommodated Grades 3- 5 and this campus was used for K - 2.  In 1998 - 1999 two additional schools were opened in this area for Grades K - 5.  Some of the students from this campus and the Annex were consolidated into what is now the present Swansboro Elementary.  As you can tell, Onslow County has always supported recycling!