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Super Kid Club!
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Friday, September 01, 2017
Are you the next Super Kid??

Mr. D, Swansboro Elementary School's "super" school counselor, has a special program called "Super Kid Club".  Every Friday at a designated time, each classroom nominates a student based on classroom criteria to participate in the Super Kid Club. 

This club is an incentive that classroom teachers can use to target specific character goals and behaviors in their classes.  For example, if the goal is "respect", the teacher could require that the Super Kid Club criteria be that a student must regularly bring in homework, not interrupt others, etc. 

During Super Kid Club time, students:

1. Talk about what they did to "make it to the club" - everyone claps after they tell how they made it.

2. A group photo is taken to display in the cafeteria - so everyone knows who has achieved the honor! CLICK HERE

3. Play a game - like dodge or kick ball.

4. Each student is given a little something, like a certificate to Golden Corral & a "Super Kid" pencil.

Kids seem to love this special attention and strive to "come to the club". 

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