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Congratulations to Kathleen Lester!
Posted On:
Friday, August 18, 2017
Kathleen Lester - Pelican Award Winner
Kathleen Lester - Pelican Award Winner
Recipient of the 2017 NCCF Pelican Award

Every year, the North Carolina Coastal Federation annually recognizes the exceptional people, businesses, organizations, and local and state government that work to protect and restore our coast. This recogition is called the Pelican Award. 

This year, first grade teacher Kat Lester was honored to receive the Pelican Award for the Central NC Region for her Dedication and Leadership in Coastal Environmental Education! Kat worked to build two rain gardens and a stormwater education program at her school. 

To see more of her story and the Pelican Awards, check out Coastal Review Online:

Kat's passion and love for coastal Carolina and teaching inspire our community of learners and teachers! Thank you, Kat! 

"I love opportunities when I get to introduce my students to so much more than just reading and math. My students have learned about oysters and how they clean our waters for us. They have learned about monarch butterflies, how they are tagged and tracked, and how to plant milkweed to hopefully encourage their population to grow. What an amazing thing for 6- and 7-year-olds to be a part of and to be able to say they learned about in first grade. I want them to be able to be proud of where they live."

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