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Afternoon Transportation Information
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Tuesday, August 01, 2017
School Bus
School Bus
Bus or Car? Walk or Bike?

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All students will be put on the bus to their afternoon destination unless a note is received giving the teacher information to keep the child after school for pick-up.  Please do not request your child to tell the teacher verbally; we must have written permission.

When a child enrolls, the parents will be asked to give ONE afternoon destination for their child.  We do not want to overcrowd buses.  We will not accept daily changes for your child's bus unless it is an emergency.  If an emergency occurs, please contact the school's administration.  No transportation changes will be accepted by phone.  They must be in writing.


If you plan to pick up your child daily, you need to stay in your car and follow these procedures (as found in the student  handbook):  The teachers will bring the carpool students out to the sidewalk and escort your child to your car.  You will receive a placard for your car window to identify your car.  The placard should always be showing in the front window so that we can quickly move along with the carpool.  Signs directing drivers to various lanes will be in place.  For safety's sake, please go to the lane for the YOUNGEST student you are picking up.  Each lane will be loaded approximately three cars at a time and released.  If the person you are picking up has not come out from his or her classroom, you will be directed to circle back around while we call them on the walkie-talkie.  If your student is not able to close his or her own car seat/seat belt, please do not get out of your car and do it while the other cars are moving.  Instead, when your group of cars is released, pull to the side of the exit and hook the child up.  Otherwise, everyone will have to wait for you.  Our goal is to safely process the carpool lanes quickly in order to make room for the buses.

All students that are walkers will be dismissed from a school official (teacher, substitute, teaching assistant) by the fence or front parking lot at 3:15.

Please do not go into the classrooms or wait on the sidewalks between 3:00 and 3:20 as teachers are getting students ready to go home.


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