Mary Brooks Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
EC Teacher


* Bachelor of Arts in Education - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, NC, 1991

*Master of Arts in Education - East Carolina University - Greenville, NC, 1997


*EC Teacher Swansboro Elementary School, 2009-Present

*EC Team Leader, Swansboro Elementary School, 2011-Present

*5th Grade Elementary Tutor - Swansboro Elementary, 1/2 year

*4th Grade Teacher - Camp Lejeune Dependents Schools, 2 years

* 5th Grade Teacher - Camp Lejeune Dependents Schools,  3 years



       I am thrilled to have the privilege to work with such wonderful students in our EC classroom and in their general education classrooms each day!   I appreciate all of their diligent efforts to do their best.  They truly make every day rewarding beyond measure, and I am so happy to be a part of our Swansboro Elementary School Family!  I also was truly honored to be selected the 2014 Onslow County Exceptional Teacher of the Year.    

        Common Core supplementary activities are used for reading, writing and math to address grade level concepts while meeting multi-learning styles. Instruction in all areas is individualized according to each student's needs.  We  also have the opportunity to use wonderful intervention based curriculum for literacy and numeracy skills.  Our Corrective Reading program is a wonderful resource that enables learners to develop and strengthen their literacy skills and build a strong foundation for a lifetime of reading.  Our Expressive Writing curriculum also assists our students with strengthening their awareness of proper writing mechanics and conventions.  They also enjoy using our Connecting Math Concepts program which enables students to strengthen numeracy, computation and problem solving skills. 

        Here are some wonderful websites that you may want to peruse with your child:;; math magician (under Oswego City Schools); and .   Students can also log onto MobyMax;; and USA Test Prep for additional practice on concepts that are covered across multiple academic areas. Happy Learning!